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Update Nov. 12th, 2020: Avoided Homelessness, Still Unstable

I have managed to avoid homelessness. I am staying with a relative short-term, and have plans to move in with my brother for a time. I have been focusing my efforts on school and haven’t had time to cater to this site. I will be able to work again very soon. Huge thank you to everyone who donated.

Update Oct. 6th, 2020: Emergency Financial Situation

As of writing this, I am in an emergency financial situation. On Saturday, October 10th, I will be homeless without financial intervention. Do not donate if you do not have the means or a stable financial situation yourself. Consider donating if you are stable and like what I am doing with the site. Consider becoming a patron if you want to help out on a more long-term basis. This is optional. I would be grateful forever if you choose to donate.

Additional GoFundMe with many more personal details here.

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