A list of some applications and games I have made is below. If it is not free to use, a link to steam will be provided.


Coming soon


These are very poorly developed projects. I have improved vastly since working on these, and will be uploading a new portfolio soon.

Sona’s Tower

Sona’s Tower is an Action-RPG / Rogue-like game that I began developing in June 2017. It is like a much more polished version of Anetia. I am not using files for items like in Anetia, so modding the game is impossible. I’ve just added zombies to the game (previously only skeletons, like in Anetia), but they are in development and aren’t finished graphically. I’ve added 6 swords and 7 chestplates to the game, but that is it, minus tokens (the currency), item-wise. This game features a fully-function character creator, and infinite character slots. Press Enter to finish and name your character. Press the Left and Right arrow keys to scroll through your characters and press Enter to select one. Press Backspace to host a server once you have chosen a character, or press I to input an IP, P to input a port, and C to connect. Once hosting, press E to interact with things, Tab to open your inventory, and you can drag items to and from chests. Have fun reaching floor 100! (Multiplayer is currently a work in progress). This game is being recreated from scratch in 2022.

Download Sona’s Tower


Anetia is a rogue-like game I started developing back in late 2015. I only got as far as random map generation, player movements and graphics, skeleton AI and graphics, and lighting. In late August 2016, I picked it back up and started work again. As of December 14th, 2016, Anetia had reached PreAlpha v1.8.1. Multiplayer is broken, no known singleplayer bugs. No content to be found. This is an abandoned project.

PreAlpha v1.8.1