New Game: Rhymeheart Devlog [#1]

Hi, all.

I am beginning a new project called Rhymeheart (working title, subject to change). Here is a screenshot of some art I did. There’s a lot more art than this, however I can’t showcase it off just yet.

The idea for the game is a multiplayer open-world RPG. Combat is turn-based on a grid. Attacking, dodging/blocking, and possibly movement on the grid will each use different mini-games (maybe rhythm games, haven’t decided yet). Skills such as smithing, mining, woodcutting, fishing, fletching, etc. may also have mini-games to determine the quality of produced items.

No gameplay has been created yet. The game is currently just art assets and some basic movement. I will make a post every Thursday night (hopefully) with changes. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions, ideas, questions, or anything else.